Do you have a scheduled appointment?

Here is what you need to know and accept:

covid-19 (1).jpg

1- You must confirm 24 hours before your appointment that you have no symptoms of COVID-19 as well as not having been in contact with a symptomatic person.

2- This form must be completed and signed. You can print it out and bring it on your appointment or email it to 

3- When you arrive, you must wear your mask! Do not touch any object, door handles or doorbell; we will welcome you.

4- Once in the office, you can sit in the designated chair which will have been disinfected beforehand. Leave any non-essential items in the car or at home. Ex. Bags, phone etc.

Looking forward to helping you safely. Your well-being is a priority for us!

First session: $ 115.00
Additional session: $ 95.00
Contactless debit / credit payment available.