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Hypnosis is a method that offers many benefits and positive effects.  Despite the fact that hypnosis is used for therapeutic purposes, interactive comedy hypnosis shows are intended to entertain only.  Participation on stage is strictly voluntary. Each hypnotized reacts differently under hypnosis; generally, the volunteers feel very relaxed, calm and safe since 15 minutes of hypnosis is generally equivalent to 5-8 hours of sleep.  Volunteers should expect to laugh and move on stage without performing any routine out of their comfort zone, going against their values or morals.  By acquiring any tickets, it is understood that spectators and participants who will volunteer cannot held legally responsible the establishment and the company Hypnosis JP and his entourage for any physical or psychological injury that may result from this event; including any legal costs, expenses, damages or indemnity.  People with mental illness, post-trauma or risk of epilepsy seizures should refrain from volunteering.  The state of hypnosis is a natural state that all experiment several times a day unconsciously.

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