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Hypnosis saw its beginnings in the 1700s by a physician named Franz Anton Mesmer who was born in Vienna, Austria. Clinical hypnosis sight debut also in the 1700s. April 12, 1829 Dr. Jules Cloquet was the first to perform surgery using hypnosis as a form of anesthesia with the help of the hypnotist Chaplin. In the 1800s, Dr. James Braid named a form of hypnosis "lucid sleep". Hypnosis is the translated name of the word "sleep" in Greek.

Clinical hypnosis is an approach considered therapeutic that is brief, very safe, natural and effective and will help you identify your behaviours, attitudes and "patterns''to manage them properly taming the emotions that are attached to them. The changes are very easy, quick and efficient. The hypnotic state is a natural state, physiological and spontaneous. It is based on a dissociation between the conscious and the unconscious mind of the individual. The strength of the subconscious is much larger than the conscious one. The subconscious mind represents 88% of our mind while the conscious mind only represents 12%. This hypnotic state will help reprogram the subconscious mind to change the unconscious behaviour.

Just before sleep, we experience great physical lethargy, which is associated with a decrease in the brain's electrical activity and greater openness of subconscious brain process, that goes from Beta to Tetha. Suggestibility is a behavioural trait that all humans possess, it is the way the brain processes the information when we learn. Hypnosis is sometimes visualization of neurolinguistic programming (NLP), sometimes metaphors, stories that helps the subconscious itself to choose the right solution to the existing problem.

For instance, at night, we can hear our children crying, while already, we can't hear the cars passing by in the street.

Similarly, the hypnotized person hears the voice of the hypnotist, guiding with suggestions (learning), without being disturbed by surrounding noise. At any time, if it so decide, he/she can get out of this state and have no problem remembering what happened. If he/she happened to fall asleep, he/she will wake up without any difficulty when the nap is over.

Everyone can be hypnotized if they agree to it, and everyone has a natural ability to hypnosis. Some people mistakenly believe that they will lose consciousness if they allow themselves to be hypnotized and then risk being manipulated without their knowledge. In fact, it is not true. The state of hypnosis therapy is similar to deep relaxation. People would never do anything against their moral or against their values.


Hypnosis is increasingly widespread. The most modern therapy,  hypnotherapy (that is) is practiced in clinical hypnosis. It can help us in all areas and definitely improve our quality of life by freeing us from our inhibitions, restoring self-esteem and self-confidence. It is the therapy by the verb.

An hypnotist is NOT a medicine doctor or health practitioner for which will never provide medical diagnostics nor contradict any recommendations from your medical practitioners .

Hypnose JP Hypnosis offers hypnosis services for self-confidence and self-esteem, smoking cessation, insomnia as well as stress and anxiety management.

The success

Depending on the reasons for practicing hypnosis, no preparation is necessary before the sessions, unless otherwise advised by your hypnotist. The number of sessions depends on each case and each individual. We all have different learning suggestibility and hypnotists from JP Hypnosis respects your personal learning pace. Once the change is accepted by the subject on the subconscious level, the effect of learning equals 100% success.


The first session with Hypnose JP Hypnosis will run very calmly and be constructive. He starts by introducing a presentation on hypnosis, explaining all the facts and myths about it. If needed, please bring your glasses as completion of a form will occur. It is followed by a session under hypnosis. You should plan 1:30 to 1:45 for the first session. With your participation and ability to relax, Hypnose JP Hypnosis guarantees that you will feel beautifully, 15 minutes of hypnosis can be felt as 5 to 8 hours of sleep; A wonderful feeling.


The number of sessions cannot be determined before the first session, since each person is different, so it will be discussed further during the first session.


Each session is customized. The hypnotized needs to dress comfortably and have a clean hygiene. We also encourage you to bring your refillable water bottle. No cell phones allowed all throughout the session. 


There is no concerns and contraindications against hypnosis sessions. After the session you can drive your vehicle and return to your daily activities. People with epilepsy, schizophrenia or bipolar disorder should consult us before booking an appointment.  A medical referral by a professional practitioner may be requested.


Hypnose JP Hypnosis is open from Tuesday to Thursday on appointment only.  Our services are offered to persons of 14 years old and older.

Fees must be paid either by Debit, Visa, MasterCard or Cash (exact amount).


For further information, please contact us

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